Pilot Flies Terminal Shelter Dog 400 Miles To Spend Her Last Days With A Loving Family

Doctors said that this dog only had a couple of weeks to live, so this pilot flew her to her adoptive family 400 miles away so that she could spend her last days surrounded by love.

Ashlyn, an elderly sweet dog, who has been in a North Carolina shelter for several months, was recently diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, not all animals in a shelter have a happy ending.

The four-footer had just a few days left to live, but the pilot decided to try their best to make the dog experience one worth living. Her days left would be very limited he made sure that she is being cared for as much as possible.

It all started after feeling down one day, it soon became clear that she was sick. Veterinarians diagnosed her with cancer and there were multiple lesions in the skin.

Poor Ashlyn didn’t even have the stamina to run or play at one point. The shelter has no way of getting her there soon, and the pup didn’t have much longer to live anyway. However, there is one man who miraculously came to the rescue. ​Paul Steklkenski, the director of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and a skilled pilot, vowed to get Ashlyn there as soon as possible.

Ashlyn had poor stamina and wasn’t able to walk at one point, but she was at the shelter. It was really difficult for the shelter to get her there in time and there was no time left to live. Luckily one man volunteered his time and brought her to a miracle of a shelter.

Ashlyn couldn’t even walk or play at one point. The family shelter doesn’t have any way to take her to a vet right away, and the puppy didn’t have much time to live anymore.

However, one man came to her rescue most remarkably. Paul Steklkenski, the director of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and a skilled pilot, vowed to get Ashlyn there as soon as possible.

The plane ride was already a highlight for the cute four-footer. Paul posted pictures of the plane ride which are positively adorable and makes my heart flutter to look at them.

Even though Ashlyn was cautious of the breeze initially, she overcame her fears and decided to smile in happiness. Whenever the dog felt uneasy, Paul would give her dog cookies as a reward.

The pilot felt emotional while flying after seeing how much happier this puppy was than she had been in recent weeks.

Paul loves flying and pets, so he decided a few years ago to start a company called Flying Fur Rescue. Since then, he’s been rescuing and transporting animals from A to B.

As soon as Ashlyn met her new family, her smile return.

After that beautiful moment, Tracy Lancer, a caring and kind woman who would make sure the dog received lots of love and tender care, picked up Ashlyn. However, she was shocked when she saw the state that Ashlyn was in.

Ashlyn’s face lights up with a gigantic smile as soon as she meets her new family.

Tracy worked hard and she restored Ashlyn’s weight and ensure that she got the best medical care possible. Despite Ashlyn’s mind telling her she had no more than a few weeks left to live, she is still going strong today.

In fact, you might tell that she’s a totally different dog now. She’s been doing extremely well both physically and emotionally. She is back to being a dog with boundless potential.

No matter how old or ill a dog is, they’ll always bring us joy. Ashlyn has had an amazing last few months, surrounded by love and affection from her family.

We can’t wait to hear more about this little angel’s story! God bless everyone who helped with her rescue – especially Paul Steklkenski of Flying Fur Animal Rescue. May he continue to help animals find homes and happiness!