Pit Bull Sobs Like A Baby After Mom’s Death, Begs UPS Driver To Give Him A Home

Katie Newhouser has worked as a UPS driver for the past fifteen years. She enjoys giving food and giving hugs to the dogs she encounters on her route. She met Leo and his mother, Tina Rummel, who lived in one of the communities served by her delivery network, and they became good friends as a result of their friendship.

Source: Katie Newhouser/Inside Edition/YouTube

Over the course of several years, Katie and Leo have developed a strong emotional attachment. Katie was horrified when she learned that Tina had passed away suddenly, leaving the bereaved Leo all alone in the world. Tina’s son, Canon, was stationed in the Middle East on active military duty, and Katie was concerned for Leo’s well-being.

Leo had jumped into Katie’s car and was refusing to let her leave. As a result, she decided to take him in while Canon was away on duty. Because of his laid-back personality, Leo quickly became friends with Katie’s other canines in his new residence. He quickly cemented his place in their hearts and their lives.

Source: Katie Newhouser/Inside Edition/YouTube

Some nights, Leo would weep like a baby before falling asleep because he missed Tina so much. But he was always cheered up by the love he received from his new siblings. After a short while, Katie understood that she couldn’t let go of Leo.

Leo was later adopted by Katie, who gave him a loving, permanent home. Katie noted that Leo’s wide smile had returned as he began to feel secure in his new home with his canine siblings. We are overjoyed that Leo’s story had a happy ending.

Watch Leo’s incredible and fateful adventure in the video below!