Pit Bull Who ‘Hates’ Cats Ends Up Adopting One Himself

It was unexpected, something I did not expect.

Baruck, a gentle pit bull, has always had a big heart, but he has never been a cat person. In fact, he appeared to despise them constantly, for whatever reason.

But all of that has changed suddenly.


Stefany Antico, the owner of Baruck, came home to an odd scenario the other day. A kitten had mysteriously emerged on her roof, looking lost and desperate. Antico chose to lend a hand.

Antico told The Dodo, “I don’t know how he got there or where he came from, but we rescued him and brought him into the house.

Antico didn’t plan to retain the new, small house guest for very long, thus Baruck initially showed the expected suspicion toward him. However, Antico returned from work to discover that the cat had already been adopted — by none other than Baruck himself — after spending a few days looking for a new family to take him.

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He truly was adopted by my dog, Antico claimed. “They work together now on everything.”

And with that, Antico’s plans to locate the kitten a permanent home were abandoned.

He already had one in mind.

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Antico and Baruck’s lives, as well as the life of the small cat, have improved as a result of what started as the discovery of a homeless kitten on their roof.


Antico remarked, “It was something I did not expect.” “It has been incredibly comforting, made all the more so by the widespread prejudice towards pit bulls. Actually, they’re very affectionate.”