Pitbull dog gently monitors the newborn babies

Dogs are a great babysitter and a companion for children in the hands of a talented owner who understands them. Anyone who has grown up with a dog knows that the love and compassion they have for them are unconditional and nothing else in this world.

Pitbulls don’t have the best reputation, especially for children – and most people will think twice before leaving their newborn babies to such a breed of care. But one family shared a video showing how calm and gentle these ‘nanny’ dogs can be when around children.

And it’s as clear as day from the video that this dog is nothing but a guardian angel to his two siblings.

The pittie was turned while lying down, with two babies wrapped in a blanket beside him. The tired puppy seems about to nod for a quick report, but then the babies begin to cry. Instinctively, the dog immediately inspects them – it sniffs them and gently nudges them, reassuring beautiful souls. It’s gorgeous to see.

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