Police officer gives injured pup his jacket to help comfort and keep him warm

The Sheriff’s Department in Chautauqua County, New York, received a call one day informing them that a dog had been hit by a car.

Sergeant Chris Howlett rushed to the scene and discovered the injured dog lying in a pile of snow.

He gently removed his jacket and covered the freezing, hurt dog in his best effort to keep her warm and prevent her from succumbing to shock.

Howlett then sat there and tried to comfort the pup, saying that she wasn’t alone while waiting for aid to arrive.

Soon afterward, the dog was sent to a nearby veterinarian for treatment. To her humans’ relief, the pup had survived with just minor injuries.

Following some brief therapy, the pup, named Rogue, was subsequently returned to its owner. According to a Sheriff’s Department update:

“The family has contacted me with an update. Rogue is her name, and she is being evaluated by veterinarians. She is doing well, and we hope to be back home by Monday. “I’m sure the family appreciated everyone’s outpouring of love and support.”

“At a time when there appears to be a backlash against law enforcement, this demonstrates a measure of humanity on the part of law enforcement, notably our deputies. Sgt. Chris Howlett is seen soothing a puppy hit by a vehicle. She was reunited with her owners, who are keeping an eye on her health. She was treated for minor injuries and is expected to recover.”

We appreciate Sergeant Chris Howlett’s generosity!