Police Officer Saved Ab.used Pregnant Dog

John Lyons, a Cleveland Police Officer, works in Cleveland’s 4th District, where he also lives, to keep people safe and live in the neighborhoods, which certainly includes rescuing homeless animals.

The officer regularly encounters ab.used and ne.glected dogs in his routine, so he takes them to keep them in the prison until his shift is over, he brings them home. Then he set his sights on finding forever homes for the dogs.

One day in 2013, a sickly pregnant dog, who was very rough in shape, found roaming the streets. So she was taken straight to Westpark Animal Hospital for treatment.

He then took the dog, named Clarice, home with him and kept her in his garage after establishing a comfort zone there.

He was also by her side when she gave birth to 7 puppies! The story went viral after he was caught taking pictures when he was sleeping next to her. What a great officer!

Watch the video below: