Police Pull Over Distracted Driver — And Realize There’s A 250-Pound Pig On His Lap

When police stop a driver for being inattentive, it’s generally because they’re texting or eating while driving.

Therefore, an officer in Minnesota had many questions when he recently pulled over a car and discovered a 250-pound pig in the driver’s seat.

While on patrol in Chisago County, Sgt. Jason Foster came across the inattentive driver. Foster told KMSP-TV that when he peered out the window, he was horrified to find a pig in the driver’s lap and a smaller pig next to the seat.

When Foster got out his phone to take a photograph of the amusing scene, the two pet pigs appeared to be posing for the camera.

Foster ranked it among the top ten most bizarre things he had ever witnessed.

The larger pig takes center stage on his father’s knee, while the little pig is seen standing next to the driver’s seat.

Foster was told by the owner that he was about to relocate to another area of the state and didn’t want his pet pigs to get chilly while traveling.

While the pigs were undoubtedly a cute surprise for Foster, it is advised to first secure them in safe, well-ventilated containers or carriers inside the vehicle before driving.

Foster, however, let the owner off with a warning, reminding him that driving 250-pound pigs about alone may become extremely dangerous.

Foster said on Twitter later: “Having a pig on your lap… now that was a first – even for us.”