Police Rescue A Dog Left On A Post In The Sun And Adopt Her

A squad of Rome police officers encountered a scary situation. A puppy who had been abandoned and tethered to a power pole in the blazing heat. Maggie was the name of the wonderful and kind dog that had been abandoned; she had suffered from prolonged exposure to heat in that location.

The Rome police department revealed the details on FB. When San Giovanni police officers led by Mauro Baroni became aware of the dog’s existence, she was reportedly fastened to a post in direct sunlight.

She was liberated from her bond, and the agents gave her food and water to help her regain her strength. The dog was then transferred to a municipal kennel, where it was determined that she lacked an identification microchip, as reported by Today Italy. She remained until her owners were discovered.

Maggie’s family was unable to be located despite efforts. After spending time with her at the kennel and developing a connection with her, one of her agents decided to adopt her and provide her with a loving home.