Police Stopped A Train And Jumped Into Subway Tracks To Rescue A Scared Cat

In the video below, police in New York City’s subway system rescue a scared cat from the tracks and return him to his owner.

The cat, named George, and his owner, Mila Rusafova, were on their way home from the vet when George was frightened and sprang out of Mila’s lap and onto the railroad track below. The train was getting closer and closer, and it was becoming faster.

A crowd gathered to warn the subway conductor to stop the MTA train after Mila became hysterical. It wasn’t long until police officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas arrived to leap in and rescue a stranded feline.

“He was panting and completely scared,” Officer Brian Kenny explained. “He made no attempt to move a muscle. His tail was within four inches of the third rail.”

“He fixed his gaze on us. When I took him up, he grabbed both of my shoulders with the delicacy of a newborn. “He came close to hugging me,” Kenny explained. “I am an animal lover. George would not have been harmed in any way. We were going to make sure of it. “

We appreciate these men’s quick action, despite the fact that it resulted in lengthy subway delays. All they could do was try to save this helpless infant.

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