Poor puppies were saved after being a.ban.doned in the rain

Our hearts can’t stop crying when we see the poor baby pups suffering so much cold and pain. But thankfully, kindness never loses its power. There are still many good people who are devoting their lives to helping these animals and making the world a better place. And Takis, founder of Takis Shelter, is one of them.

Last year, Takis and his team rescued two puppies that were a.ban.doned in the rain. The poor babies were cold and shaking when rescuers found them. Takis took them to the shelter, warmed them, and fed them. Because they were saved from the rain, so Takis decided to name them Thunder and Rain.

After drying off and enjoying the meal, the duo began to show their individuality. In fact, they are playful and mischievous pups. They can spend the day playing and exploring the house. Not only do they play together, but they also love to play with new friends living in the home.


Rain and Thunder are still in the shelter and are looking for their permanent home. We are sure that they will be adopted soon. If you are interested in giving them a new home, you can email contact@takisshelter.org.