Pot-Bellied Pig Happily Raised with 5 Dogs Thinks He’s Just Like His Canine Crew

Dogs are man’s best friend. But they’re also best friends with other animals too, namely Chowder!

He’s a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig that is six years old living in South Carolina in the house, who happens to be owned by Shelby Madere. Yet, do you know who else lives there with him? He has a crew of five dogs.

Chowder and His Crew

Chowder lives with several animals in the care of Shelby Madere. But, since his piglet days, he mostly grew up with, his rescue canine buddies Bashe, Nya, Rika, Slick, and James.

Chowder is naturally intelligent and social therefore growing up with his puppy buddies, he adapted canine behavior and found himself a part of the dog group. Due to this fact and a result by environment, Chowder grew up to be canine like than pig like.

Chowder, just like his crew, loves to cuddle up and spend as much time with his owner as possible. He’s also great outdoors as he likes to have fun, play fetch and really enjoys being outside with the other pets in the household.

Chowder and his buddies play the same games, and they all look alike because they all wear matching collars. Chowder’s collar has to be specially made for his larger size. Despite this, the difference doesn’t come in the way of their ability to play together.

Chowder Thinks He is a Dog

She’d found him on a old laundry room chair, and brought home five rescue dogs to give him the life she thought he deserved. Shelby had no idea that her husband had been raising a pig to act like a dog.

Much like his furry friends, Chowder likes to go into houses and mess around. Chowder also likes to play fetch, and he needs as much attention as his furry buddies.

He is a super cute dog who loves to play, run and interact with humans. He is extremely sweet and well socialized. He is a caring pig who needs attention, likes to cuddle and is patient with his siblings. He also learns tricks efficiently just like his dog siblings.

Watch His Activities on Instagram

Shelby loves nothing more in this world than dogs specifically, and the animals in general. She’s always taking care of them, especially her pets like Chowder and his fantastic five.

The house, however, has quite a lot of other animals too. These animals consist of some dogs, cats, and numerous chickens and horses as well. However, Chowder is the one that gained the most attention on the Internet due to his amical and funny personality.

She pampers all these animals on the farm, and does everything to make them happy. Their happiness is her priority.

You can see some amazing pictures and videos of the gang on her Instagram account @piggypoo_and_crew

Summing Up

Pigs, dogs and other animals bring joy to most people. They are highly adaptable, social with their surroundings and learn very quickly. This is why Chowder, who grew up with five rescue dogs and one human, acts more like a dog than a pig ever would.

Look to the gram and see Chowder and his friends in their daily adventures, filled with wholesomeness for your day to be full of happiness!