Professional Good Girl Becomes Home Depot’s ‘Pawssociate Of The Month’

She was even given her own orange apron

Meet Brynnie, a 2-year-old mini goldendoodle mix whose lively lifestyle was abruptly cut short when she tore ligaments in both hind legs.

Similar to when a person tears their ACL, Brynnie was unable to stand or walk comfortably due to her injuries. Her parents were determined to restore her back to her playful self, so they took her to the veterinarian to discuss treatment possibilities.

Christiana Yebra, Brynnie’s mother, told The Dodo, “We wanted to ensure she had a full life ahead of playing and running, so we opted for tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery.”

The double knee surgeries performed on Brynnie were successful, but the recuperation was challenging.

Yerba stated, “We slept on the floor for months while attempting to be calm and concentrate on mending.” As part of the recovery procedure, Brynnie’s veterinarian advised that she refrain from all physical exercise for one month following her surgery.

Due to the rising summer temperatures in Brynnie’s home state of Texas, her parents decided to take her to a dog-friendly business with air conditioning so she could practice walking once more.

Home Depot became Brynnie’s go-to destination due of its spacious aisles and ample room to maneuver.

“We began strolling the aisles every weekend to keep cool and build muscle,” Yerba explained.

One day, while walking through the store, Brynnie met the gaze of Maddie, the store manager.

“We joke that if you make eye contact with Brynnie, she must greet you,” said Yerba. “That’s exactly what happened!”

As soon as Brynnie caught Maddie’s gaze, she hurriedly approached her new acquaintance. Yerba stated, “Maddie greeted us with a smile, and Brynnie walked directly into her office.”

Maddie was informed of Brynnie’s recent surgeries and the many laps she had taken around the store to heal from her injuries by Brynnie’s parents.

Maddie, who was immediately charmed with Brynnie after hearing her story, told Yerba that she wanted to buy the adorable dog a unique gift. She escorted the family to a private room and selected an apron for Brynnie as an Associate of the Month.

“Maddie grabbed a child’s apron for us, which we knew she could wear as ‘Pawssociate of the Month,'” Yerba said.

Here you may view Brynnie’s first day of work:

Yerba placed the apron on Brynnie, which fit around the dog’s torso like a cape, and took a photo. In the photograph, Brynnie’s grin is wider than ever.

The generosity of the store manager meant more to the family than she realized. Yerba stated, “Maddie’s acts that day were so much greater than a very cute apron.”

Here you can view Brynnie’s first day as the Pawssociate of the Month:

Brynnie is still recovering, but each day she gains strength. Her rehabilitation sessions at Home Depot may soon conclude, but she will forever be an honorary Pawssociate, and her family is especially grateful to the employee who made her feel at home.