Professional Soccer Players Walk Out Onto Field Carrying Shelter Dogs Who Need Homes

When the Russian soccer team Zenit chose to promote awareness for animal shelters and pet adoption, they sought out the most effective means to convey their message, and they were unquestionably successful.

The organization wanted to do something a little more tangible than simply producing movies or other media about their cause. They partnered with local shelters, who provided them a number of dogs in need of homes; the players then marched onto the field before the beginning of a game, each carrying a gorgeous shelter dog.

Why do soccer players carry and then coo over lovely pups in need of permanent homes? Never has anything been cuter.

The dogs varied in size and fluffiness, and while some of them appeared perplexed, they were all delighted to receive affection regardless of the location.

Everything was quite adorable, from the dogs themselves to the players’ expressions as they handled them. If there is a better technique to promote pet adoption, it has not yet been discovered.

Hopefully, some of these puppies will find permanent homes as a result of this event, and nonetheless, everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that the Zenit soccer team will do this again very soon.