Proud Golden Retriever Daddy watches his wife and puppies

The Golden Retriever is undoubtedly one of the most affectionate dog breeds in the world, so it’s truly a pleasure to have a Golden Retriever by our side to calm our moods when we are down.

This incredible creature always knows exactly how to make us happy no matter what. And when there is a whole family of golden retrievers, the happiness will be multiplied.

If you’re looking for cuteness to brighten up your day, this golden retriever family is here to melt your heart! The loving couple just welcomed seven new babies not long ago, and they couldn’t be more proud and delighted. But if we had to choose between them, it would be safe to say that Dad would be the proudest person here.

Since the dog’s mother was so tired after giving birth to all the puppies, she just wanted to take a nap and forget about everything else, so the excitement of the dog’s father made him restless.

He can’t wait to meet his newborn babies! While the boy was anxiously waiting, their owner was kind enough to prepare a new bed for the healthy mother and her cubs.

Once everything is settled, it’s time to bring the babies in! When the mother dog feeds the puppies, the new dad looks at them cheerfully and attentively from a distance. He patiently waited until they were done to come in and play with his children—what a lovely dog.

This cheerful dad loves his kids dearly, but he seems to love his wife even more. A glint of light flashed in his eyes. The way he warmly hugs his girl is so endearing; it could be any couple’s relationship goal!

Take a look at this exciting family: