Puppy Abandoned On Country Road Waited Days For Family To Come Back For Him

He is such a lovely, intelligent dog who loves to please people,

In a remote area of Oklahoma, Oakley dallied about a crossroads, possibly expecting that a passing vehicle might see him.


With two other dogs present, the puppy had been left alone. The lost animals roamed the countryside for more than a week as they waited for their owners to come looking for them. The dogs slept outdoors in a tin tube beneath the road.

The black Lab mix and his companions were thankfully noticed by a Good Samaritan, who then called animal rescuer Alysse Matlock, who hurried there as soon as she could.


When Matlock noticed how the puppy was doing, she was upset.

Matlock told The Dodo, “He was in fairly bad shape, which crushed my heart.

The first of the three to be saved was Oakley. Soon later, the other two were discovered and taken to foster homes where they could heal.


Matlock quickly unwinded after returning Oakley to her house. He soon made his friendly disposition known. Matlock was moved by Oakley’s quick affection but enraged that someone had abandoned him.

Matlock described the dog as “such a sweet, smart puppy that lives to please people.” That someone could be so vicious infuriated me.

You can watch a film about Oakley’s rescue that Matlock made here:

Matlock bathed Oakley and made arrangements for his medical attention. Safe Haven Animal Rescue generously offered to pay Oakley’s medical bills while Matlock fostered him after she contacted them.

Oakley’s skin and eye health significantly improved in just a few short months. Even while he was still enjoying his time in foster care, particularly lunch and dinner, it was time for him to find a long-term residence.


Matlock was confident that Oakley would soon be adopted.

He was such a simple dog, said Matlock. From the outset, “[He] got along with everyone and everybody!”


One family, who watched Matlock’s Instagram video about Oakley, was especially moved by the canine’s motivational tale. They were aware they needed to meet him. The family set up a meeting by getting in touch with Matlock. They quickly knew Oakley was the dog they had been looking for.

They traveled from Minnesota to pick him up, according to Matlock. Since then, “he’s been a fantastic fit.”