Puppy Found In Graveyard Has The Best Reaction To Seeing His Rescuers Again

When workers at a cemetery in Missouri saw a shadow moving through the graveyard one night, they weren’t scared. Recently, there had been a lot of visitors, and most of them walked on four legs.

The next day, when they got a better look, they saw that their guest was a small stray puppy. They called their friends at Stray Rescue of St. Louis because most of his hair was gone and his feet hurt too much to walk on (SRSL).


The chief life-saving officer at SRSL, Donna Lochmann, told The Dodo that many stray dogs end up in the cemetery.

“They just go under the fence and decide they like it because it’s quiet,” Lochmann said. “It’s a big cemetery, so they can get away from people easily.”

But every stray dog needs a place to stay, so Lochmann and the people who work at the cemetery came up with a plan to save the dog right away. They spread out and looked everywhere in the graveyard for the puppy.

After looking for a while, one of the search team members heard a noise coming from a bush and found the puppy curled up under it.

Lochmann picked up the puppy and took him to the vet right away. There, the puppy’s skin condition and the wounds on his feet were treated. They gave him the name Kamper, which came from one of the tombstones in the cemetery where they found him.


When Kamper was finally feeling better, his caretakers at SRSL took him back to the cemetery so he could see the people who helped him.

“Everyone was very upset, but Kamper and the volunteer who called us were especially upset,” Lochmann said.


As soon as Kamper saw the people who worked at the cemetery again, he got very excited. He ran straight at them and gave each of them a big thank-you kiss on the face.

And the people who worked there were just as happy to see him.

“The woman who called was so happy that we had him and that he was doing so well,” Lochmann said. “From our side, we were glad that she got in touch with us so that he could get help.”

At the cemetery, Kamper said goodbye to his friends with a few tears and a lot of kisses. He went back to SRSL, but only for a short time.


Kamper was lucky that the shelter could find him a good foster home right away. Kamper gets new pajamas and medicated baths every day to help his skin heal. He also gets to play with his new dog siblings while he waits for a forever home.

“It’s so fun to watch him play and be happy, knowing that he’s no longer this scared, sick dog trying to survive on the streets,” Lochmann said. “Now he can just be a puppy,” they said.