Puppy Left In Woods With All His Belongings Waits For Someone To Notice Him

Hank was just 8 months old when he was discovered in the woods by a Good Samaritan, yet he did not resemble a puppy at all. Instead of leaping around the forest with youthful glee, the lonely dog sat perfectly motionless on a discarded dog bed, oblivious to the approaching stranger.

His look indicated a desperate desire for assistance as he was surrounded by his old toys and a bag of dog food that he couldn’t open.


The Good Samaritan contacted the local animal shelter, which immediately deployed employees to the location to rescue Hank. Since he was in survival mode, they feared he may turn hostile during the rescue, but were pleasantly delighted to discover he had a different personality.

Rosa Fond, founder of Humans and Animals United, told The Dodo, “He was nothing but affection from the minute they acquired him.” Everyone agrees that he is the sweetest puppy ever.


After rescuing Hank, shelter staff took him to the veterinarian, where they discovered he had a broken leg. According to the physicians, Hank sustained this injury more than two weeks before to his rescue.

They stated that this was why he never left his bed in the woods. It was simply too unpleasant.


Hank’s injury necessitated major surgery, so the animal shelter contacted Humans and Animals United for assistance.

Fond agreed immediately to take him under their care and administer the urgently required medical procedures.

She brought the puppy to a local veterinary hospital, where he is staying for the time being. Before Hank can undergo his life-altering surgery, he must acquire a little bit of weight. In the interim, he enjoys the daily affection he receives from the veterinary personnel.


Since Humans and Animals United posted about Hank on their FB page, adoption requests have been coming in, but Fond claims no one has been chosen yet.

Fond stated, “He has a bit of a voyage ahead of him before he is fully adoptable.” However, he is now safe and will never be harmed again.