Puppy with rare diseases is fostered by a dog at the shelter

Puppies are precious creatures and they are born to be loved. The outdoor world is too dangerous for them because they have to fend for themselves. They need a mother or owner to take good care of them, but some people ruthlessly throw these poor souls out of the door, leaving them desperately struggling to survive.

Love Furry Friends received information about two puppies dumped near the lake and hid in a pipe. They went out immediately to rescue the pups, bringing them some food and water. While one of the pups stepped out and let the rescuer pet her, the other showed no interest and stayed in the pipe. She seemed sleepy and tired.

They decided to bring them back to the shelter, give them a thorough bath and gentle care. One dog was named Plusha, and the other was Lucy. After bathing, they noticed Lucy making strange noises. Immediately, they took her to the vet for a checkup. She was diagnosed with a megaesophagus. The dilation of the esophagus makes it difficult for food and liquid to enter the stomach, but a pouch forms in the esophagus. For the rest of her life, Lucy should only be fed righteously. She can eat but will throw up right after that.

A few days after the surgery, Lucy contracted food through a tube in her nose. Pusha is pleased when her sister comes back from the clinic. Fortunately, after the shelter posted pictures of Pusha online, a kind family quickly decided to adopt her. Now she is living in a wonderful home with caring owners.

Little Lucy stayed at the shelter. She was fed in an upright position which made her a bit uncomfortable. After eating, she must be kept standing for about 10-15 minutes.

Her life hasn’t been easy, but it’s heartwarming that a shelter dog named Mimi has become a patient mother of the puppy. She takes care of Lucy in her daily activities and always accompanies her. They got along very well. Mimi was the one who helped Lucy return to her normal life, being by her side whenever she needed it. Hopefully, Lucy will soon get used to the routine and get a second chance to have a permanent home by someone willing to take care of her for the rest of her life.

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