Rabbit adopted three stray puppies whose mother was shot; it protects them, feeds and warms them

Margarita Startseva, a resident of Russia, once saw a large hole near her home.

When she arose, a rabbit leapt from the hole.

Margarita discovered that the rabbit had vanished from the farm three kilometers from the hamlet.

This rabbit, it seemed, excavated a burrow and made a home near her residence.

As soon as she started feeding the rabbit, it happily accepted the food.

The rabbit was content with his carefree existence in the hole.

Margot noticed a large dog by the hole one cold winter’s day.

Afraid for the safety of the long-eared, she fled. She was astonished after seeing a dog and a rabbit sheltering together.

As she continued to peer down the crevice, the woman noticed many little puppies.

The woman was more alarmed than ever. The animal population has grown.

As a result, she was now feeding the rabbit as well as the puppies. There was a day when the dog didn’t show up. Next, she discovered she had been shot.

Long-eared took care of the puppies after the catastrophe.

He kept an eye on the babies, making sure they didn’t get out of the burrow, licked them, and scared away any nosy cats.

Keeping the puppies warm and safe, the rabbit did not allow them to succumb to the harsh winter weather conditions.