Rat Trapped In Storm Drain Had Given Up Hope That Anyone Would Save Her

Wendy Chairez was out with a few friends in Guadalajara, Mexico, to catch a bite to eat when something struck her eye and shouted out to her heart.

There was a mouse on a damp and rainy roadway. She was attempting to escape the metal grating of a storm drain after becoming entangled in it.


“I observed as she attempted to force herself out of the sewer using her legs. However, she was unable,” Chairez told The Dodo. She possessed eyes that begged for assistance.

Chairez easily admits to being “terrified” of rats, but in that moment of suffering, she saw the mouse for what she truly is: an animal with feelings that merely desired to live and exist.


“She had such sensitivity and melancholy,” remarked Chairez. Therefore, I advised my pals that we should assist her.

That is just what she did.

After attempting and failing to liberate the rat with a discovered broomstick, Chairez set aside her remaining dread and used her hands to gently extract the rat.

Here’s a video of that moment:

It looked that the rat had given up hope that anyone would help her. But she was in error. She had been saved by Chairez.

“The mouse was quite frail, but she clung to the broom handle and I carried her to the sidewalk,” Chairez explained.

The rodent then fled to find cover from the rain. The fact that she was now safe was all the gratitude Chairez need, despite her continued ambivalence for rats in general.

“I admire them. I am generally fond of God’s handiwork “She stated, “To love creation — and life — is to serve others. However, I will not travel around the world begging others to save rats. That is the purpose of life.”