Rescue an a.ban.doned dog with her belonging in an industrial area

The sad thing is that when some owners can’t take care of their pets anymore (or they want to get rid of them), they heartlessly leave them anywhere. The poor creatures must face all the risks alone. What will happen to them in the next minutes? They just have no idea.

A dog was a.ban.doned in an industrial area, and the people doing it even threw her stuff in the trash. Fortunately, Hope For Paws received a message about her, and the rescue team went to the area to save the dog immediately.

The position was quite large, so the team had to go around looking for her, but she still couldn’t find her. An employee here told them the dog might show up if she had a cheeseburger, so they used the cheeseburger to lure her in. She actually appeared, but she was a bit hesitant that she slowly drew closer to them.

They patiently tried to win her trust, and to their surprise, a rescuer could retrieve the dog with ease. The dog didn’t fight against them as if she knew they had a good heart, unlike the one who a.ban.doned her here. This was a sweet rescue. The rescuers hugged the little dog in happiness.

They named the dog Shania. The cute puppy obediently lets them take her out of this area and bring her to a new life waiting for her without her knowledge. After a relaxing bath, Shania returned to her natural look like a beautiful dog.

It was hard to believe that evil spirits were willing to abandon a beautiful dog like Shania. The dog is so cute when she rubs her body all over the couch. She knew she was safe, and she was on the moon for it. Shania is a good dog, and she deserves to be loved.

Now she is in a foster home and still looking for a forever home. If you are interested in adopting Shania, please contact L.A. Animal Rescue.

You can watch the adorable video here: