Rescue Beagle Has Most Joyful Reaction To Touching Grass For The Very First Time

Thousands of beagles have been saved from a life of pain and suffering in recent weeks, after the Virginia breeding facility where they were housed was ordered to be shut down. The Humane Society has worked to find them new homes.

This adorable dog named Sami is among the pets who have been given a fresh life. She, like other rescued dogs, had spent her entire existence deprived of the most fundamental canine pleasures.

Everything has since changed, however.


Karen Shrader and her family volunteered to take in Sami as a foster dog on Thursday of last week. It was immediately apparent that Sami was not used to friendliness or the understanding that the world is not always a frightening place.

“On the first day, she was really cautious, but she quickly claimed a dog bed in our living room,” Shrader told The Dodo. She would not venture more than a few steps from her bed.

However, Sami soon discovered the lush backyard. She could now, for the first time in her life, touch grass.

And this was her reaction:

Shrader stated, “By Saturday, she was doing zoomies and chasing balls.”

Sami was overjoyed.

In the breeding facility, she had been deprived of so much joy. Now she has everything.

In a couple of days, Sami transformed from a sad, timid dog into a cheerful, joyful puppy. For Shrader, it has been a joy to observe her foster dog thrive.

“It fills my heart to know that she has left a location where she was unable to be a dog and is now able to run, play, and experience the kind touch of a human!” Shrader stated. “My family adores her, and she brings us so much happiness!”


Shrader believes that Sami’s tale will encourage more people to consider fostering or giving to the Humane Society to aid these beagles (more information about which can be found here).

For Shrader and her family, however, being Sami’s foster parents did not pan out as intended.

“She won our hearts over. We will adopt her!” Shrader stated. “Yes, I’m a foster failure!”