Rescue Dog Holds His New Dad’s Arm On His Way Home, To Ensure That He Is Not Abandoned Again

Watching a shelter dog head off to his or her forever home is so satisfying. The relief on these creatures’ faces as they finally realize that there are no more harmful humans around them makes it worth every second of the journey!

Many dogs show their appreciation with giant smiles, wagging tails and lots of excitement. No matter how scared they are one look into those grateful eyes and there is no doubt these poor souls know they have been saved from certain disaster! There will be better days ahead for them now!

Some dogs like sweet Stanley seem to show more appreciation than others. Stanley was a 6-month-old puppy who was rescued from an abandoned home where he found himself living with his mother, alone. The scared pup was taken to a shelter in hopes that he would quickly find his own forever home.

Stanley is a Bull breed dog, and as such often needs extra care. The shelter approached Sam Clarence, a volunteer dog walker with the Bull Breed Rescue in Christchurch New Zealand to foster him for few weeks while they find Stanley’s permanent home.

Sam arrived at the shelter to meet Stanley but as soon as he saw him, he knew that he would not be fostering him. Instead, he knew instantly that he was going to adopt him.

Sam was thrilled to have found such a great pet. He’d always wanted an animal companion. When the two met, Stanley and Sam bonded quickly. On their way home, instead of letting go of his new dad as they walked along together, Stanley kept a paw firmly on his arm. It was as if he was trying to say that he would never let him go.

It became clear that although Stanley was very happy with Sam, he still had some fears. The first of which is getting out of the car- it took him over an hour!

When Stanley was finally out of the car and safely inside his new home, he was fed, given a bath, found his comfy bed. The Velcro dog crawled into its new dad’s arms to feel at one with him (it had been through enough). It was then that Stanley started to make himself at home, although he still had to be as close as possible to his new dad.

Stanley is a happy and confident dog today. He enjoys going on outdoor adventures with his dad, swimming in lakes and ponds, but he always likes to cuddle when he’s asleep. Stanley also likes to touch his dad when they sleep together at night; then again during the day too- even if it’s just something as simple as laying one paw on dad!

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