Rescue dog who never had his own garden, built one by loving owners

Finding a typical home for an older dog is always tricky, even more so when there is anxiety and medical problems involved. There is no guarantee that the dog will find the loving home it deserves.

When KaTarra Taylor adopted Bentley the bloodhound, his worries filled the roof. He had passed through many different houses, being moved from one post to another. But, KaTarra refused to give up on her adorable dog and knew that he deserved the chance to have a happy and forever home life.


When KaTarra first adopted Bentley, they were living in a one-bedroom apartment. But she quickly realized that her little house wouldn’t be enough for her 120-pound fur friend, so she upgraded it to a townhouse, along with her boyfriend Nicholas.

“I bought a townhouse so we could stay together. “It has an inner courtyard that I know he would like. I couldn’t afford a house with a yard, but I think I can turn the yard into a small yard with the right help.” KaTarra said.

KaTarra knew how much Bentley liked to play on the grass and how much he enjoys every time they walk in the park. As a loving dog mother, she is determined to give him a piece of grass of his own, so he can play it whenever he wants.

After hours of hard labor, the lush garden was finally completed;
… And the couple can’t wait for Bentley to come to test it.

As soon as he saw his new pitch, he arrived immediately. And Taylor knows she got the right call and all the work is worth it.

Bentley is now spending time out on the lawn, which is becoming his new favorite nap spot.

After all, he’s been through, he’s finally got the home and the happiness he deserves!