Rescue dog with lousy sleep in the past with new bowl every night

When the dog’s mom Suzanne comes across a photo that combines Jack Russell and Neville, she immediately falls in love. Already an owner of a rescue dog, she browsed the website of her local rescue center simply out of curiosity.

However, she soon found herself having to queue for 3 hours at the center to register her hobby of adopting a dog.

“He’s ten years old, and I know right away that I love him!” Susanne said. “I lined up for three hours outside the center to make sure I was the first to subscribe to my interest, and we bonded as soon as we clapped our hands together.”

Soon the precious dog finally has a place to call home. Despite all the fun and excitement of the new chapter, they are starting together, adapting to life at home. My new eternity is not easy for poor Nev.

The boy is now 12 years old, has spent a considerable amount of time living on the streets and then in shelters, and naturally struggles to settle in. It is believed that he was used for livestock and was clearly mistreated.

At first, he often scrambled for food and tried to feed it directly from the floor or my other dog’s bowl. Suzanne is unfazed and committed to deciding to train Nev to finish the bowls.

“I had to train it to eat from a bowl, and once it caught it, it would treasure that bowl,” she added.

The intelligent dog quickly catches up, and all is finally well at mealtime!

Interestingly, Neville began to develop an unusual love for his bowl, which becomes his most valuable possession. He began to take it everywhere, even sleeping in it, when you go to bed.

Two years passed and Neville is still sticking to his bowl. When asked why she thinks Neville has developed the fixation, Suzanne explained.

“I think he never had one of his own and now realizes that he finally has one and is guaranteed a nutritious, reliable food source. He just seemed highly grateful for a simple bowl. I think it represents comfort and a home for him.

Neville is clearly a dog with bones on his face, but after such a rough start, it’s just that it spends the last years of his life doing exactly what makes him happy and if he sleeps in his food bowl. and a smile on his lips.

Neville has always been a source of joy for Susanne and she hopes his story can inspire others to adopt a premium dog.

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