Rescue Foxes Are Thrilled To See A Special Treat Donated Just For Them

“It always brings a smile to everyone’s face here who volunteers,”

Rescue fox residents at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary in the United Kingdom appeared to be getting more and more excited as the weather started to chill and the leaves started to turn orange. They were looking forward to one of their favorite annual treats.

They soon noticed it: mountains of crunchy leaves that had been donated to the refuge for the amusement of the foxes.

A spokeswoman from Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary told The Dodo that “the foxes always enjoy fall leaves every year.” They take pleasure in playing in the leaves and foraging and sniffing through the piles. It provides a straightforward yet valuable enrichment.


One cunning fox in particular, Beau, enjoyed jumping into the leaf pile using a tire as a trampoline.

The rescue foxes saw falling leaves as a fresh, exciting opportunity for play, whereas most people view them as a natural d├ęcor or even a nuisance.

The sanctuary spokesperson replied, “They probably enjoy them as it is a change from the norm that provides a new stimulus for them to interact with.


Soon after the refuge requested leaf donations, nearby schools stepped up to assist. Children enjoyed picking out the best leaves to present to the foxes, who were very appreciative.

The staff at the sanctuary is overjoyed that individuals are concerned about the welfare of their adopted animals. The foxes appear to be equally happy.

It always brings a smile to my face, the spokesman remarked. Every volunteer here is pleased to see the foxes having a good time.