Rescued Baby Beaver Builds Dam In Doorway To Keep Her Roommate Out

Simply said, Nibi prefers her solitude.

This is Nibi, a tiny, orphaned beaver that Massachusetts’s Newhouse Wildlife Rescue volunteers saved earlier this year.

Nibi has had the chance to understand what it is to be a beaver while being cared for by their devoted attention. And she’s making some pretty snarky use of those instincts.

Nibi, who is now around 5 months old, spent the majority of her life as the only beaver in the rescue facility, which meant that all eyes were on her. But all of that has changed now.

Newhouse Wildlife Rescue just brought in Ziibi, a new orphaned young beaver. Being able to assist the adorable newbie was fantastic news for them in every way. Not at all for Nibi.

Ziibi was eager to get along with Nibi during their first meeting, but Nibi wasn’t having it. In reality, she was utterly dissatisfied.

Rescuers haven’t given up attempting to assist Ziibi and Nibi build a bond through supervised contact since they know it’s in both of their best interests to socialize with one another.

But just as it appeared there might have been a breakthrough, Nibi demonstrated that she was still undecided.

Nibi was given the rehab room to herself for an hour while Ziibi enjoyed the semi-aquatic enclosure as a reward for her excellent behavior toward her new roommate, according to rescuers. In case Ziibi tries to enter again, Nibi started constructing a dam at the door where her roommate left.

Here is an example of a Nibi dam in operation:

It’s difficult to hold Nibi responsible for her lack of enthusiasm at having to suddenly share her territory, but her rescuers remain hopeful that she and Ziibi might develop closer ties. In reality, things have already begun to improve.

“Well, we have advanced a little. “They aren’t ‘besties’ but they aren’t at war anymore, so we’ll take the win! The two are now ‘tolerating’ each other and can be in the same room without fighting,” Newhouse Wildlife Rescue stated in an update. Perhaps with time, a tighter bond can develop.

Despite their differences, Nibi and Ziibi each have a lot to be thankful for. They have been given a second chance at life because of their rescuers—and the occasional referees.

And maybe, one day both baby beavers will be strong enough to be returned to the wild, ideally with friends but most crucially free.