Rescued Chimps Take Turns Hugging The Newest Orphan To Join Their Family

Caretakers from Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection just saved Beckley, a young orphaned chimpanzee, from the worst possible destiny (LCRP). Beckley had no friends in the world after losing his parents to the illegal and dangerous animal trade.

But all of that has changed now.

More than 80 orphaned chimpanzees have found a home and a safe haven at LCRP, which is referred to as “the first and only refuge in Liberia for all chimpanzees in need.” These chimpanzees were all rescued from sad conditions in the West African country.

However, for chimpanzees like Beckley to develop into healthy adults, more than simply diligent care is required. To properly flourish, they also depend on one another.

Beckley’s new family was recently presented to him after a period of examination and monitoring at LCRP, where he and his new siblings can now enjoy the lives that were almost taken from them.

Despite the tragedy and pain in each orphaned chimpanzee’s past, they nevertheless have a natural tendency to love.

They gave Beckley a big hug when he got there:

LCRP claims that while the majority of the rescued chimpanzees in their care are unable to return to a fully wild existence, thanks to the organization’s work, chimpanzees like Beckley can now live in safety in the forests where they belong rather than suffering from the illegal wildlife trade for the rest of their lives.

Chimpanzees should not be kept as pets or made to coexist with people, according to the LCRP. “The illicit pet trade and bushmeat trafficking are the main causes of the chimpanzee orphans at the LCRP refuge in West Africa. Poachers brutally killed their mothers, therefore they need constant care. The orphans are receiving rehabilitation thanks to the hardworking staff and carers, and when they’re older, they’ll be able to thrive in a natural setting with other people.”