Rescued the dog living at the car shop for eight months

Sometimes, owners can’t take care of their pets anymore. They don’t think about taking them to some shelter for help. They just a.ban.doned them regardless of the risks that innocent animals might have to deal with when they were alone. It was a cru.el act.

Hope For Paws rescue team immediately reached out to rescue an a.ban.doned dog living at an auto shop. It was said that the poor dog had been left here for eight months since its former owners moved out.

The dog was in not too bad a condition, but it looked very sad. She friendly received the treats they brought her at first, but the sidewalk seemed too hot due to the weather, so the dog went back to her place. She was a bit shy, so she kept a distance from the rescue team, stayed under the car, and it was difficult for the rescue team to complete the task of bringing her to safety.

The dog was so scared that it took some time for rescuers to get it into the cage. The tail between her legs showed that she was terrified. But soon, she looked relieved as if she knew she was in safe hands.

They named her Blue Bayou and took her to their shelter. She really needed a clean bath because her body was covered in engine oil. The sweet girl just obediently enjoyed her bath. It had been too long since she had received such tender care. But she was clearly trau.matized after her rescue that was undoubtedly the result of being a.ban.doned in the past.

Thankfully, as time went by, Blue Bayou gradually became more active and friendly. She happily played with her new friends, and her face looked a lot happier than before. She deserves a life full of love.

Now Blue Bayou is ready for a loving home. Please contact It’s the Pits if you are interested in adopting her. Hopefully, the lovely little Blue Bayou will soon find her permanent home.

You can watch the video here: