Rescuer Finds Dog Buried Up To Her Neck — Then Realizes She’s Not Alone

This past week, while working on a distant farm in Turkey, the veterinarian Soner Büyümez heard a sound he could not ignore. It sounded like a desperate plea for aid.

“I ran to the location immediately,” Büyümez told The Dodo. “There was a massive landslide. I observed a dog entangled in the ground. “Only her head was visible above the ground.”

The animal was distressed. But as Büyümez would soon discover, she was not solely concerned with her own survival.


“When I first saw her, it was quite disturbing,” remarked Büyümez.

He realized he had to act.

Büyümez quickly retrieved a shovel and began to dig.

As Büyümez lifted the earth that had trapped the dog, a second sound reached his ears. The sound was faint, but easily identifiable.

“I heard the cries of pups,” stated Büyümez. They were buried underground.

As soon as the first dog was safely removed, Büyümez began digging again to safeguard her puppies.

In total, Büyümez rescued seven puppies who had been buried alive after their burrow collapsed, much to their mother’s relief.


The furry family was now safe and sound because of Büyümez’s quick thinking.


The mother dog, according to Büyümez, was a stray who survived alone in that desolate area. However, she and her infants will no longer be alone.

“Their overall condition is excellent. The mother and puppies are safeguarded, “Büyümez added. I will treat them as though they were my own.