Rescuer went out to search for a puppy, came back with a huge amount of cuteness

It’s a sad fact of life that countless dogs and cats are being abandoned on the streets every day, and there’s not much we can do to stop these horrible people from committing such atrocities.

Thankfully, we also have amazing heroes in this world who never hesitate to do everything they can to save these poor animals from a tragic end.

Milan Stojanovic – founder of Mladenovac Dog Shelter, Serbia is one such kind man.

The philanthropist has joined hands with many other volunteers to rescue hundreds of dogs and dozens of cats over the past 14 years, and he has no intention of stopping.

This is one of the most memorable rescues for Milan and his friends, as the man did not expect to be attacked by such cuteness.

After hearing about an abandoned puppy not far from his shelter, Milan and his co-worker immediately went outside and quickly discovered a shivering puppy in the area. Because the dog was so scared after being left on the road, she quickly ran away when trying to approach her.

Milan tried to find the little dog, only to be greeted by four other puppies! The team was surprised when they suddenly jumped out of the bushes, but it was a sweet surprise.

The puppies were still a bit scared, but they were also happy that someone found them and stayed with them for a while. Their eyes sparkled with hope and literal joy. Looking at their size, it looked like these tiny babies were only about two months old at that time.

Milan decided to feed the group on the spot to see more puppies or their mothers around. Sadly, the dog’s mother wasn’t there with them.

The kind-hearted rescuer then took all the babies to his shelter, and it can be said that the future looked pretty bright for these cuddly adorable bugs. Thanks to this wonderful man, their lives have been changed in a wonderful way.

Watch the heart-pounding rescue here: