Rescuers feed a.bandoned Chihuahua with cheese and take her home

Just like humans, dogs also need to be loved and cared for. They are like our friends, our family but some people still have the heart to just throw them away instead of taking care of them. And the poor animals don’t know what to do on the street. They can only hopelessly wait for someone with a kind heart to help them.

After receiving news about an a.ban.doned Chihuahua living on the side of the road, Hope For Paws rushed to the scene to rescue her.

At first, the dog was a bit afraid of strangers, so she tried to run away from them. Not long after, when the rescuer handed her some cheese, the Chihuahua began to come closer and take the items. She may be very fond of cheese or she was starving at that time because she did not refuse any of the food they gave her.

However, the dog kept a distance from the team. She just ran around so they couldn’t touch her. They came up with a clever idea and were eventually able to put a lanyard around her neck. After talking to a neighbor feeding the dog for a week, they learned that he named the puppy Frijoles.

They took her to the vet for a medical check-up. Little Chihuahua got gently care. She was cleaned up and had a comfortable place to stay. And thanks to L.A. Animal Rescue, Frijoles has now found a loving home. She got a new look and played happily every day. She is loved again.

Watch the video here: