Rescuers Spot Tiny Puppy Crossing Busy Road And Know Just What To Do

“I quickly pulled over while I was driving.”

Dog rescuer Lauren Botticelli was driving through the streets of Mexico when she noticed a tiny child approaching a busy road. Her heart nearly stopped.

A little black puppy was on the verge of entering oncoming traffic.


When we went by and observed him, “he was on the side of an extremely busy street full of enormous trucks and speeding cars and was thinking of crossing,” Botticelli said to The Dodo. “Almost everyone in our van noticed him at the same timeā€¦ Everyone who looked at the other knew. As I was driving, I stopped right away.

Even though he had never met them before, the dog knew as soon as he spotted his rescuers that they were there to help.

He joyfully came over to my arms, said Botticelli.


Botticelli observed a rope that had been cut or chewed and was fastened around the puppy’s neck. She looked everywhere for someone who might be his owner but was unsuccessful. The puppy, who was eventually given the name Binx, was acting perfectly at the time. He joyfully jumped into the car with Botticelli and her group, and they ultimately made their way to America, where The Animal Pad started to work finding him a foster home.

Since then, he has been the best puppy ever, according to Botticelli. “Almost as if he realized he had been saved and was thankful.”

Binx’s rescue can be seen here:

At the moment, Binx is content living at home with his foster mother in Los Angeles, where his amusing, kind-hearted character has persisted.

He’s incredibly smart, according to his foster mother, Botticelli said. He is eager to please and enjoys learning new commands. He is outgoing and courageous as a result of his experience living on the streets. He enjoys the companionship of other canines as well!


Binx will be eligible for adoption after a few weeks in foster care and will find his forever family.

Binx used to have to fend for himself, but now he will always have someone nearby watching out for him.