Restaurant Owner Prepares A Free Meal For Every Stray Dog Who Visits

Over five years ago, an unexpected customer entered the restaurant of Gerardo Ortiz.

It was a stray dog whose eyes were filled with hunger. When Gerardo Ortiz saw the unfortunate puppy, he decided to assist her.

While she waited patiently outside, Gerardo presented the dog a free lunch that he had prepared particularly for her.

This lovable custom remained thereafter until the present day.

After obtaining her first meal at Gerardo’s restaurant, the starving dog proceeded to return each evening for a free supper.

However, it was not long before additional hungry pals also visited Ajilalo. Before Gerardo realized it, word had gone across the neighborhood that he was feeding strays.

Gerardo welcomed all of the canines with a delicious lunch as they began to arrive after the initial guest.

Multiple stray canines visit Ajilalo’s doors each night to receive a free supper.

The majority of these canines are habitual “customers,” while others are generally first-timers hoping that Gerardo’s food will satisfy their appetites.

Gerardo frequently glances up in his restaurant to see a new dog’s face and the front of his establishment, eager to see if the reports about his kindness are real.

They do not compensate us monetarily, but rather with their joy and wagging tails.

“They are quite thankful, but we prefer giving to getting. Since childhood, I have had a passion for animals. My mother instilled in us the value of assisting others, both humans and animals. She is my motivation.”