Retired police dog breaks down in tears after being reunited with handler she hadn’t seen in years

A retired police dog cries after she reunites with her former handler for the first time. The heartwarming scene was caught on camera and the netizens were moved to tears.

An 8-year-old German Shepherd named Wangwang was a sniffer dog for Xichuan County, China’s security forces. When the faithful dog retired in June 2019, it was just a matter of time before she and her master parted ways. Wangwang’s handler is still working as a police officer even after she was adopted by a wonderful family. After scanning the area where his former fur partner lived, he decided to pay her a visit last month.


Wangwang couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw the man she had loved for so long amid the crowd. Xichuan Police posted a video of their retired canine running up to her handler on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok. Then the tears came down!

“Wangwang’s hair is turning white, yet she is well-fed, she is gaining weight.” according to a post on Douyin. As the saying goes, “It’s never easy to say goodbye to a friend.”

Here’s a video of the touching reunion:

On the Internet, the heartwarming reunion was a huge hit. One user commented on the blog: “Dogs are really loyal companions. Please treat her well.” Then there was one who wrote, “You can sense how much Wangwang misses her handler. This is what the dog means when he greets you “belly up.”

H/T: dailystar