Rower Hears People Shouting From Shore And Ends Up Saving A Life

I approached it in my boat and plucked it from the water.

The worried shouts of a group of people on shore startled Marc Wilson as he rowed through the clear waters of Whitby Harbor in the United Kingdom, warning him to disaster.


He soon saw a cormorant was struggling on a tangled fishing line near the bottom of a nearby pier.

Wilson was aware of his obligations.

Wilson told The Dodo, “I brought up my boat alongside it and lifted it out of the sea and into my boat.


Wilson cautiously took hold of the terrified bird’s head and started working. The bird was calmed down by a friendly bystander who threw down a pair of scissors and a glove to cover his face.

Wilson pulled a hook from the cormorant’s foot while carefully unraveling the fishing line.

The happy bird joyfully took to the air after being let free.

Everyone rejoiced as the bird took flight immediately, according to Wilson.


Wilson is quite grateful that he was in the water that day in order to save the bird, which he had initially feared wouldn’t survive. The determined rower was inspired by the cormorant’s fortitude and expects to see his new pal again soon.

Wilson stated, “It was amazing to watch it soar away, and I want to see it again and again this winter as I row.” “Hopefully in better conditions!”