S.tray puppy rescued from landfill escaped the pa.in of losing his mom

Hardy is a s.tray puppy who lost his mother and had to fend for himself. When a rescuer came to save him, he was searching for food in a dumpster. He kept howling like a wolf, probably calling for his mother or siblings. But sadly, no other dogs showed up.

The rescuers fed him and took him home to bathe. Despite being loved and cared for by good people, the dog did not give up on finding his family. In the days that followed, Hardy was restless and sad. He wants to go back to find his mother.

When he was taken to the vacant lot near the dump, he was overjoyed. This is probably where he used to live. He searched around, determined to stay here and refused to leave. It is clear that he cannot forget his mother and escape this pa.in.

After a long wait, his mother still did not appear. His eyes filled with tears and his broken heart can take a long time to heal. In the end, Hardy chose to go back to the rescuer. The man picked it up and took it home. He also gave him a cozy bed to sleep on, plenty of food to eat, and lots of love to cope with the loss.

With the good man’s help, the puppy overcame difficulties and rebuilt his confidence. Finally, Hardy has emerged from the shadow of losing his mother. He is courageously moving on to a new life with his rescuer. We are happy to hear that Hardy is now living a happy life with an extended family.

He is a special intelligent little puppy. You are so lucky to have him. Thank you for rescuing him. We appreciate all things that you have done for him.

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