Sausage dogs and seals become best friends and the photos are everything

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I think it’s fair to say that most of us have been on long trips where we met people from many different walks of life.

Interacting with strangers in other countries can be strangely gratifying, sometimes leading to lasting friendships. That’s what exactly happened when a sea dog met a land dog.

While visiting the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Reserve in Cornwall, a dachshund named Stanley, along with its owner Melanie Talbot, encountered a rescued seal named Aayla – and they quickly beat it to death.

As soon as the pair clapped their eyes, there seemed to be a connection. Apparently, Aayla rushed to the window and continued swimming around out of curiosity, constantly looking at the 2-year-old dachshund.

The two spent 20 fun minutes interacting with each other and posing for pictures. And it’s absolutely adorable!

“Aayla is often found when looking at underwater scenery. She is adept at interacting with people and dogs”, “We often get photos from guests who have taken Aayla interacting with their dogs, so this is not the case. She’s been friends with a dog for the first time, even though she seems to love Stanley so much! ”Explains Georgina Shannon of the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Talbot, the dachshund owner, explained that they feel as if they were friends at first sight. The way they stuck their noses into the glass made them look like they were whispering to each other. They then made some poses in front of the camera with Aayla looking more like a dog with a tilted head than a natural seal.

Needless to say, the two new friends look great together

Talbot added that while Stanley has many other dog friends, this is the first time she has seen a two-year-old dachshund befriend a different animal.

“It was lovely and heartwarming to see it,” said Talbot. “When I look at the photo I took, it makes me think that friendship can flourish in any animal species – it’s great to see different species form such a bond.” She speaks.



If you want to see more of Stanley’s adorable faces, check out Talbot’s Instagram, and if you want more seals, you can find them on the Cornish Seal Sanctuary’s official Instagram.

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