Say hello to Wiley, the Dalmatian with his heart on his nose

From frost on glass to animal designs, nature amazes us with its wonders each and every day.

We’re about to show you a story about a cute Dalmatian with a nose that just screams “kiss me” at you.

While Wiley the Dalmatian gets plenty of cuddle time from his owner, the fact that he was not born with the typical black spots on his body has made him a crowd favorite.

He’s one of the most popular dogs because of the heart he wears on his nose. Many people are following him because they can’t help but smile when they see this adorable puppy.

Wiley’s owner, Lexi Smith, states that she purchased the Dalmatian from a breeder and that, after discussing Wiley’s preferences, Lexi believed that she and the dog were meant to be together.

Lexi also explains that Wiley, like her, enjoys eating, sleeping, and cuddling; thus, they were able to communicate with each other through their shared interests. Because of the heart on his nose, Wiley quickly became a viral internet sensation, and fans flocked to keep up with his fascinating existence.

Lexi spends a lot of time with the puppy and regularly shares photos of them on their Instagram account, where their fans can see how much they mean to her. Millions of people around the world have fallen in love with the pup who has a heart tattooed on his nose, unlike most people who wear their hearts on their sleeves.