Scared homeless dog got a gentle hug and it changed her life

Sometimes it can be so easy to get emotional over an effortless action that you’ve required for so long, like the poor dog in this story. She longs to be cared for and loved, but she was mindlessly discarded. After receiving a call about the scared dog, Hope For Paws went out to rescue the little girl. She knew that a small hug could change her life forever.

Very sad was little dog lying outside a building. She was shaking when Eldad approached her. The dog looked pathetic because of her filthy fur and distressed eyes. She just lazily moved into a corner to stay away from the rescuers.

Eldad didn’t want to scare her more, so he slowly crawled towards her. The dog was perplexed, trembling to stand in the corner as if she was trying to disappear into the wall. It seemed she didn’t know what to do to escape or even to survive. She was depressed and desperate, always keeping her head down so Eldad couldn’t rescue her.

Finally, with his patience, Eldad received the dog and decided to name her McKenzie. By the time rescuers picked her up, McKenzie seemed to have calmed down and started snuggling up against Eldad’s chest.

The rescuer gently held her in his arms, and from that moment, the dog knew she was a reliable person, and she was safe in his arms at last; No more fear and loneliness. This hug meant a lot to her because it has been too long since she has received such affection.

When McKenzie felt more comfortable, they took her to the hospital for a check-up. In a short time, the puppy became beautiful and began to wag her tail in delight when receiving food. She quickly adjusted to her new environment and made a big transition from a scared and depressed dog to a happy and playful child. And what she needed most was to be loved.

You can watch the video here:

McKenzie is in a foster home. If you are interested in adopting her, please contact Foxy And The Hounds.

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