Sealed In A Box Inside A Porta Potty, This Dog Is Lucky To Be Alive

An abandoned Corgi Mix was found by construction workers at a site in Brookline, Massachusetts. The worker called the police because they heard barking from an unusual place, who likely saved the dog’s life.

The 22-pound dog had been inside a mop bucket box that was taped shut in order to prevent her escape. Luckily, someone found the pup just in time and saved her from the stress of being stuck there. However, she is still traumatized by what happened and trying to decompress from such an unfortunate situation! The police are determined to find out who’s responsible for this act of cruelty so they can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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There was abandoned in a way that was elaborate

When officials arrived at the scene, they found that she had managed to free her front legs from the box and was still trapped inside. They brought her to Angell Animal Medical Center for further evaluation where vets confirmed she is healthy despite everything. The MSPCA-Angell took in this dog because of this fact, and now has given it a chance for rehabilitation after figuring out it’s name!

“The dog is unharmed and stable, but frightened — and is now resting at the MSPCA’s Jamaica Plain adoption center,” the humane society wrote on social media.

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The dog started out seeming very worried. After a few days of care and some time to adjust, she is much sweeter and more relaxed with the people caring for her, as well as being kind to them. She seems about five years old!

Mike Keiley, who is the spokesperson for the MSPCA in Boston, said that their next goal was to help this dog get back to a place where she’ll never be abandoned again. They want her never feel fear and discomfort ever again.

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Help This Pup Get Justice!

The dog didn’t have a collar or identification tag, which is why the humane society will wait one week for her owner to reach out and hopefully claim her. If no contact happens during that time, she’ll be put up for adoption on social media. There are several people already interested in adopting this sweet girl!

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“These situations are always perplexing to us and disheartening for us to see,” said Keiley. “That’s a scary experience for an animal to go through. I think certainly in the wintertime, especially the cold plays a factor in addition to the other parts that are dangerous for the animal.”

This situation took place near Colchester Street in Brookline. If you know anything about the dog or its owner, please contact the police department at (617) 730-2730 or MSPCA at (800) 522-6008.