Senior Shelter Dog Whisked Away On Weekend Getaway For The Sweetest Reason

Since 2007, Leroy has lived at Dog Tales Rescue. That’s more than half of the shepherd mix’s 12 years without a permanent home. Rescue volunteers make sure that every dog gets a chance to run away, even if it’s just for a fun weekend.

Leroy’s turn came up recently, and it was a weekend he’ll never forget.


“A waterfront property with a cottage was offered to our staff and volunteers,” Stephanie Munro, a volunteer with Dog Tales Rescue, told The Dodo. “We could bring shelter dogs there for a break from life in the shelter.” “This was a great chance to give our dogs a break and find out how they really act at home.” It was really amazing and heartwarming to see our dogs in such a way.”

Munro and Leroy enjoyed the scenery, ate good food, and sniffed everything they could see. This trip is also the first time that Leroy had his own bed.

Here is where you can see Leroy’s exciting weekend:


Will Leroy ever find his forever family?

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After a fun weekend away, Leroy went back to his normal routine at the rescue, but he made a lot of new memories to replace the ones he had at the shelter.

“Leroy was found as a stray in 2015 and taken to an overcrowded shelter in Miami,” Munro said. “[He’s] quite laid back. Leroy does like to play fetch once in a while, and food is also one of his favorite things. One of his favorite tricks is to give his paw, which he does enthusiastically with his big paws.


If you’re interested in adopting Leroy, you should know that he likes to get his head and neck scratched every now and then, but only after he’s warmed up. He’ll need an adopter who understands his needs and limits. Munro also said that if you want to adopt this sweet boy, you’ll have to go to Dog Tales more than once to make sure it’s a good fit.


“Having worked with these dogs in the shelter and now seeing them in a home environment gives me so much hope for our dogs,” Munro said. “This experience made me cry more than once when I thought about how great it would be for these dogs to have a home. At the same time, it broke my heart to see them being looked over again and again.”


Leroy would love to find his forever family because he had so much fun at the cottage. Then, with his new favorite people, he can enjoy the scenery, eat good food, and smell everything in sight.