Service Dog ‘Calms’ Veteran With Survivor Guilt Before He Can Have A ‘Panic’ At.tack

Reintegration into civilian life was exceedingly tough for Erick Scott. His wartime experiences had left him both mentally and physically damaged. After many of his companions were killed in conflict, his soul was utterly engulfed by an overwhelming amount of survivor’s remorse.

Image/Story Source Credit: USA Today via YouTube Video

Shortly thereafter, Erick was diagnosed with PTSD, but the combination of medications he took had no effect. In the middle of the night, he would awaken from his dreams covered in a puddle of sweat on his bed.

Erick contacted “K9s for Warriors” in an attempt to acquire a medical service dog when he reached his lowest point. This is how Erick met Gumbo, a black Labrador who was fully trained to assist folks suffering from acute PTSD. Gumbo assisted Erick in reversing his life with his calming compassion and PTSD support skills.

Image/Story Source Credit: USA Today via YouTube Video

Erick sits down with an interviewer in this video to discuss his exhausting experiences. Gumbo complies with Erick’s “sit” instruction and settles himself next to him, firmly affixed to the grass.

Midway through the interview, however, Eric’s hidden emotional wounds erupt as he approaches another panic at.tack, and Gumbo steps up to do his job. It is lovely to observe Gumbo petting Erick precisely when he needs it! The dog’s well-timed distractions keep Erik’s anxiousness in check and allow him to press the reset button and resume the interview!

Image/Story Source Credit: USA Today via YouTube Video

Gumbo deduces Erik’s trauma triggers before he even acknowledges them, and maintaining Erik’s sanity and functionality is Gumbo’s top concern.

According to the video embedded below, one veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes. As they prevent these tortured warriors from disintegrating, service dogs like Gumbo make the difference between life and death.

Watch Gumbo detect and manage Erick’s PTSD triggers at a crucial moment by clicking on the video below.