Shelter dog burst into tears when he recognized the man standing in front of him

A dog was brought into one of Washington’s shelters when it was extremely young, nearly a puppy. However, her conduct was markedly different from that of the other creatures. They were equally attracted to people, cherished the shelter staff’s attention and care, and went out of their way to please guests.

However, Roscoe was unique. He remained unsociable and made no attempt to engage with the other pets or shelter employees, expressing no joy at their appearance.

If Roscoe had been abused, such behavior would have been understandable, but this shelter was run by volunteers who were drawn to the task because they adored animals.

It was obvious that something was wrong with the dog, and the shelter workers set out to discover what he was hiding. They shared a photograph of her on social media.

And something truly remarkable has occurred. One of the nearby farmers noticed this posting and promptly contacted the refuge. He stated that his favorite pet, who resembles Roscoe, was lost three years ago. The owner explained that he had been searching for a pet for a year without success.

When the man reached the enclosure at the shelter, the dog came to a halt and began sniffing. And then he squealed and joyfully threw himself at his feet, running in circles and waving his tail.

Nobody witnessed him in such a situation during his time in the shelter. When the owner realized that the dog recognized him and was so joyful, he couldn’t stop crying.