Shelter Dog Who’d Given Up All Hope Finds Forever Family Thanks To Viral Moment

“Lucky is one lucky boy indeed!”

Lucky believed he had finally found his people the day he was adopted. The adorable beagle mix was overjoyed to finally find a permanent residence outside of Ruckersville, Virginia’s Green County Animal Shelter. But that wasn’t how things stayed. Lucky quickly discovered himself back at the shelter and gave up hope of ever finding his forever family.

According to a statement on the shelter’s FB page, “Our heart bleeds so much for Lucky as he is battling to be a shelter dog once again.” It can be difficult when you’ve been at our shelter for more than a month.


As a beagle mix puppy, Lucky was originally adopted from the shelter in March 2021.

Lucky’s family loved him so much, but as he got bigger, it became too much for them to bear. We all believed Lucky would remain a medium-sized dog and was a beagle mix. Lucky is now more of a hound mix, according to the shelter’s website.

The lovable puppy outgrew expectations in terms of size and was brought back to the shelter in September, when his prospects for a brighter future faded.

The post reads, “Lucky is truly hurting as he was cherished by his family. “[He] needs everyone of you to spread the word about him to your friends and relatives in the hopes that he can find a family that can accommodate his size. Lucky considers himself to be a lap dog and is a true huge love.


The article emphasized Lucky’s greatest qualities, such as his excellent leash-walking prowess, his love of the great outdoors, and his passion for young people, cats, and dogs.

According to the post, “Lucky needs each of you to help him find happiness again by being loved by a family.” Please share this gorgeous hound with your friends.

Lucky finally began to get attention after going for so long without any thanks to his FB post going viral.

When he first came back, “he was afraid and nervous,” shelter spokesman Anna Swanson told The Dodo. Lucky was hesitant to socialize with strangers when he first arrived. He would sit on the outside portion of his kennel since he enjoyed being outside.


Within a few days, Lucky was brought home and adopted by his forever family.

“Lucky is one lucky boy indeed!” The post has been updated. Lucky has today found his brand-new, forever family! It only need one family to fall in love.

The now-famous dog won’t ever again have to be concerned about spending time in a shelter. It appears that luck was unquestionably on Lucky’s side after all.