Shelter Dog With ‘Tusks’ Is Looking For Someone To Love Him Just As He Is

He is a fruit bat by night and a walrus by day.

At the age of 10 and a half, Caesar, who was adopted from Ruff House Rescue when he was just six months old, was recently returned to the organization after his family said he had “ruined one too many rugs.” The elderly dog is still getting used to life in his foster home and is obviously very bewildered. Every aspect of his foster family already adores him, including his walrus teeth.


He was squirming in his dog bed when I initially opened the car door, according to Kathleen Gioeli, Caesar’s foster mother, who spoke to The Dodo. “When he raised his head to face me, I was smitten by his “tusks.” He arrived, and I informed my sister—who also serves as my roommate and foster partner—that he looked like a walrus. He is described as a walrus by day and a fruit bat by night since just his large eyes and teeth are visible at that time.


Two of Caesar’s bottom teeth stick out of his mouth in a straight line. His former family reported to the rescue that he required tooth extractions each time they had him cleaned, and that his canines gradually shifted over time. He eats and drinks normally, and it doesn’t seem that his unique teeth are bothering him. He just so happens to have a walrus-like appearance, which is unquestionably not a negative thing.

Even though Caesar stands out because of his teeth, he would still prefer to blend in as he gradually gets used to his new environment. His foster family has enjoyed watching his cheerful personality gradually come out of hiding since they know it’s somewhere inside of him.


He has endearing eyes, prioritizes human contact over all else, is gentle to my dogs, and savors each and every bite of food that is offered to him, according to Gioeli. He also likes to sunbathe, cuddle in both my bed and his own bed, get cuddled, and, last but not least, go on vehicle rides. I am aware that he has many more facets to his wonderful soul than he has yet felt at ease revealing. He will eventually succeed if you give him time and affection.


Potential adopters have already expressed interest in Caesar because of his walrus teeth, so hopefully he won’t take long to find his permanent family. He still feels a little uneasy and is just looking for a family who will accept him for who he is, walrus teeth and all.