Shelter Pit Bull Made His Bed Every Day Until A Family Adopted Him

The best dogs in the world when they’re being looked after by kind, caring people.

This pit bull was so desperate to find a family that he was willing to go to any length to demonstrate what an excellent housemate he would be.

Rush is captured on video at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Kettering, Ohio, gripping his blanket in his jaws and staring regretfully at the camera as he attempts to arrange his bed.

SICSA shared the video on FB, and a family saw it, came to meet Rush, and fell in love.

Rush has adopted a local couple as his new family. They adopted the puppy a week later, believing they were destined to meet.

They explained that they had previously lost their dogs and were unprepared for a new pet at the time.

They did, however, come across Rush in the news and on an animal shelter-related website.

They also observed a sign on their approach to the center that read [Rush to be there], but the middle two words were too small to read, so they took it to mean [Rush there].

I’m overjoyed that he found a lovely, loving home and family. He is a gorgeous, well-behaved young man!

That is something that every animal deserves!

Bless the family that adopted this adorable child. I am confident he will enrich their lives with joy and love.

You can view the amusing video below: