Shy Foster Kitten Is Obsessed With Being Spooned By New Dog Brother

“They are stuck together all day long”

Sylvester had a hard time adjusting when he first moved into his foster family. The timid kitten had no idea who or what to believe. But all changed when he met Cooper, the family’s pug.

Sylvester clung to Cooper right away, seeking solace and consolation in him. Cooper and I grew close since we experienced the same worries.

They are now inseparable.


Foster parents Jacky and Yeshi of Sylvester told The Dodo that Sylvester was interested in Cooper from the start. Despite being much bigger, Cooper felt unsure and puzzled. Sylvester tried repeatedly during the first few days to capture Cooper’s attention, but Cooper became agitated.

Cooper was eventually won over by Sylvester. They now play, run around, and spoon each other whenever they have the chance.


Cooper and Sylvester are inseparable, declared Jacky and Yeshi. They are stuck together all day long. When Cooper leaves the house for his walks, Sylvester waits for him at the door. As soon as we drain the water from the tub, he joins him there after waiting for him after his bath.

Here is where you may observe Sylvester and Cooper’s friendship:

Although they quickly became friends, Sylvester didn’t always have a companion like Cooper to look out for him. Mashaal Memom of Little Wanderers NYC took three weeks to find Sylvester’s pups after learning that Tweety, a stray cat, had given birth.

But with a little tender loving care, little Sylvester transformed into a love bug. Cooper’s enormous heart was further emphasized when Sylvester was placed with him. While Sylvester’s mother and sister are looking for their forever homes, neither Sylvester nor Cooper are available for adoption.


According to Lisa Scroggins, cofounder of Little Wanderers NYC, “Daffy is obsessed with people.” While shy, their mother, a kitten herself, is also up for adoption and is sweet and timid like her son, Sylvester.

The rescuers are thrilled that Sylvester made a friend in Cooper and hope that the rest of his family will one day experience the same kind of affection.