Siberian Huskies Save Kitten’s Life and Now She Believes She Is A Husky

In times of hardship, unlikely friendships frequently arise. When Rosie the kitten was rescued from the streets at the age of three weeks, she became the responsibility of Lilo, a loving Siberian husky, and the pair have formed an unbreakable bond.

Rosie The kitten was saved when it was only three weeks old. She was alone, freezing, and starving. The fortunate day arrived when she was rescued and placed in a home with three enormous dogs.

Cats and Siberian huskies have a love-hate relationship, with some living in harmony while others being unable to resist their instinctive predatory drive. However, this three adopted the disadvantaged Rosie, and Lilo in particular decided to become a surrogate mother.

Rosie the kitten, rescued at just three weeks old, was raised with the huskies and now thinks Lilo is her mother. Shhh, don’t tell Rosie she isn’t a Siberian husky. She will be devastated to hear that news. (Photo : Twitter/Lilo The Husky)

“Rosie crawled into Lilo’s heart as she buried herself in her thick fur, slept on her head, and curled her muzzle. The more reliant Rosie became, the more tolerant and affectionate Lilo became, which aided in the healing of the little kitty,” explains Love Meow.

(Photo : Twitter/Lilo The Husky)
Wannabe Siberian husky, Rosie the kitten was rescued and lives now among her husky rescuers.

Rosie believes she is a dog because she was raised by huskies, and she is never too far from her best pal Lilo. They travel together everywhere. They continue to play, nap, cuddle, and even go on walks with their owner.

Despite the fact that the huskies have begun to galloping alongside the bicycle, Rosie is tucked away snugly and happily in the basket. Rosie enjoys the regular two-mile walk with the huskies, but her short legs make it difficult for her to keep up.

(Photo : Twitter/Lilo the Husky) Out for a bike ride, Rosie gets to ride is the basket as the huskies run along side. Can’t leave Rosie at home, she’s a husky in her mind.

On Lilo’s Twitter profile, images depict Rosie and the huskies from the time they were three weeks old until they are now fully grown.

When Rosie was young and separated during boisterous husky play, it was a heartbreaking sight to behold. Lilo and Rosie would howl and pine for one another while sitting on opposite sides of the door.

White Wolf Pack quotes a human mother as saying, “They are inseparable; they sleep together at night, and Rosie does everything Lilo does, including swiping dog food when we’re not looking.”

(Photo : Twitter/Lilo The Husky)
Rosie and Lilo during a shopping trip to their favorite pet shop. Rosie isn’t finding the trip as relaxing as her best friend Lilo, that’s for sure.

What an inspiring “tail” of friendship!

(Photo : Twitter/Lilo The Husky)
Lilo the Siberian husky took over as mother to little three-week-old rescue kitten Rosie. The love and devotion Lilo showed Rosie saved the little kitten’s life.