Soldier forced to leave his dog on deathbed is informed about a crate’s arrival

Soldier Specialist Henry Alvarado of the United States Army understood he would have to make many sacrifices in order to preserve his country. Henry had lost his beloved grandparents over the course of several deployments, and he had not even had the opportunity to say goodbye to them. However, he was always comforted by his loyal German Shepherd, Dukey.

Source: Rescue From The Hart/FB

When Henry and Dukey returned from one of these deployments, they began making plans to relocate to Los Angeles. But unfortunately, Dukey was hit by a car and had to undergo costly surgery to save his life.

However, Dukey’s surgery couldn’t get started since Henry couldn’t raise enough money. Soon after, he received a deployment call to Alaska and had to quickly report to duty. Henry was forced to leave his sick dog behind since flights would not allow a sick dog to fly.

Source: Rescue From The Hart/FB

A fundraiser for Dukey and Henry’s operation was organized after the employees at “Rescue From The Hart” learned of their situation. As a result of this heartbreaking event, donors from around the world contributed to cover Dukey’s surgical costs.

In this video, a fully recovered Dukey returns to Alaska to be with his father for the first time in months. As soon as he hears about the crate, the soldier heads to the airport, hoping for the best. Dukey melts into Henry’s arms when he emerges from the carton. As they embrace each other, the ecstatic couple can barely contain their emotions!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this reunion possible. We can never express our gratitude to our soldiers sufficiently!

Watch Henry and Dukey’s poignant reunion after months of uncertainty by clicking on the video below!